Dana White Gives a $250K Gift to Kyle Forgeard

Dana White and The Nelk boys have been close friends for a while now. The Nelk Boys podcast consists of Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, Gabriel Poncio and Aaron Steinberg.

The Nelk boys have attended many UFC PPVs in recent times and many UFC fighters have and Dana White has appeared on their podcast.

Recently, Dana White celebrated Kyle Forgeard's birthday at a restaurant where he gifted him $250,000.

Many MMA fans were upset to see Dana White's huge birthday gift to his friend while UFC fighters are continuously expressing dissatisfaction with their fight purses.

Many fighters in UFC have raised voices against the fighter pay and openly criticized Dana White.

In recent years, Jon Jones, Jorge Masvidal, Francis Ngannou, and even Sean O'Malley have stated that fighters are not getting paid enough for putting their lives on the line inside the octagon.

The UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou is even ready to leave the promotion and box Tyson Fury to earn a bigger fight purse.

Many fans in the comments did bring up the fact that Dana White just gave a huge chunk of Francis Ngannou's fight purse as a gift to Kyle Forgeard.

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