UFC Heavyweight  Champion

Francis Ngannou

Ready to leave UFC after Ciryl Gane fight

“I will not fight for $500,000 or $600,000 anymore. It’s over. I took this fight for personal reasons, because I want to make sure that regardless of whether it’s fair, I can make my case that I have completed the fights.”

- Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou has always been outspoken about the treatment he received from the UF

In recent interviews, Ngannou has expressed his wish to take up boxing in near future.

"We’ve been having this discussion for a year. Seems like they are okay with it. I still believe that whatever you are doing when the UFC is involved it’s just gonna make it bigger."

- Francis Ngannou

In a recent Tweet, Tyson Fury called out the UFC champion for a boxing match.

Francis Ngannou also accused UFC of booking the fight against Ciryl Gane to apply pressure. on him

"The only thing that I found wasn’t legit was just to have the interim title at that moment just to apply pressure just for power position not because it’s the right thing to do."

-Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou reportedly has only one fight left in his UFC contract.

Fans can catch the 35-year old fighter defending his belt for the first time on UFC 270 on January 22.

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