Georges St-Pierre Reveals The Secret To His Physique

Georges St-Pierre was a two division champion in UFC.

GSP is regarded as one of the greatest in the history of MMA. 

At the age of 40, the fighter still has a great physique!

In a recent Instagram post, he revealed the secret to it-

Three-day fasting is what makes his body look chiseled and young!

The former champion revealed that he religiously follows it four times in a year and have been benefited from it a lot.

Fans in the comment section showered GSP with praises, calling him the "epitome of fitness."

GSP has also formerly revealed that he has been following intermittent fasting for years now.

-Adds that the weight fluctuations tends to go back to normal once he starts following his normal diet again.

Pierre has fought both in Welterweight and Middleweight division.

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