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Georgina Rodriguez Responds to Cristiano Ronaldo's cheating scandal.

By: Yaksh Desai Image credit: Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as one of the elite soccer athletes of all time. His prolific ball-striking ability has propelled him to become the leading goal scorer of all time(800+).

Amidst all the fame and glory, the Portuguese star has also been part of some serious personal as well as professional controversies.

However, the ones that questioned Ronaldo's loyalty toward his current partner, Georgina Rodriguez were the most noteworthy.

Until now, The former Real Madrid striker is accused of having an alleged s*xual altercation with two different models.

Recently a Venezuelan model, Georgilaya claimed that Ronaldo texted and lured her into his hotel room, and then both made love. However, the veteran's spokesperson has come out and denied all the accusations.

On the other hand, while taking a dig at Lionel Messi's marriage, Daniella Chavez stated that she had s*x with Ronaldo and that she also has a video to prove that.

Everyone expected that the accusations will hamper the Ronaldo-Georgina relationship however, the duo's bond seems to be stronger than ever.

After the reports of the alleged affair surfacing the internet, Georgina went on to witness Al-Nassr vs Al-Batin match alongside her children to shower support for her better half and the match did end in Ronaldo's favor.

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Georgina Rodriguez Shows Her True Colors Amid Cristiano Ronaldo’s Cheating Scandal. Swipe up to read the full article.