Gerard Pique Punished For Cheating on Shakira With Clara Chia Marti?

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

Gerard pique has been on headlines for more than one person could imagine. The 11 years of relationship has broken into pieces.

The Barcelona star has also lost the custody of his children. There will be a limited time that he could spend with his sons. His ex-couple has agreed to the terms.

The couple announced their separation in June. Also, Gerard emotionally retired from his football career. Gave blessings to former partner to move to Miami with their children.

Pique wanted to avoid custody battle. Pique and Shakira had a joint statement which guarantees the welfare of their children. The statement will be ratifying in court as a part of formal procedure.

Gerard can spend 10 days a month with his children. Also, the entirety of three holidays except Christmas and summer holidays starting from next year.

Shakir and Pique will have 50% custody each in Christmas. It will be followed by Catalonian calendar. In the coming year it will be followed by children’s school calendar.

This Christmas might be the last Christmas for Pique with his children as they will be flying to Miami with Shakira to live with her.

Losing the custody due to his external affair with Clara Chia Marti and retiring from football career he might be starting a new chapter in his life.

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