Gilbert Burns Explains Why Oliveira Can Beat Islam Makhachev

Charles Oliveira's remarkable journey has put him in the spotlight, and his recent row of finishes is something to behold.

Oliveira is fresh off a first round submission win over Justin Gaethje.

Following the event, the talks of Charles Oliveira facing Islam Makhachev have been floating around.

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Makhachev has also shown similar interest, claiming he's not so far behind the former champion.

But seems like not everyone agrees with Makhachev, and that includes Gilbert Burns.

According to Gilbert Burns, Oliveira is on a different level in the division.

Burns believes Oliveira's striking and his over-all skill-set gets the better of Islam Makhachev.

"I believe that Oliveira can get a win because of the striking, because of the pressure, the jiu-jitsu...Oliveira is huge for that division."  Burns said.



He adds that if there's a next big fight, it should be Charles Oliveira Vs Islam Makhachev.

Who do you think has the upper hand, Oliveira or Makhachev?

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