Having a Child Would Be Hard- Venus Williams Makes a Confession

Venus Williams, due to her injury spent most of her time last year off the court experiencing different fields.

Venus made a surprise comeback in the Wimbledon mixed doubles where she paired up with Jamie Murray.

However, they both were defeated in the round of 16 by Alicia Barnett and JonnyO'Mara.

Venus has always been active on her social media platforms, where she gives an update on her daily life.

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In a recent YouTube QnA video, Venus spoke about her family and if she sees herself becoming a parent in the future.

Venus was asked if she would want to become a parent. In response, she mentioned that it would require a lot of sacrifices.


She said, "There's so much sacrifice, it's gonna be hard. But I know that if that happened, I would be dialed in, completely dialed in."

In the same video, Venus revealed what was the best gift she had given her parents.

To this Venus answered that she was the gift, she is cool confident, and smart. 

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