“He Can Try” - Charles Oliveira Sends a Message to Justin Gaethje

UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira made it clear in an interview that he is not buying Justin Gaethje's trash-talk ahead of UFC 274.

Justin Gaethje, in an interview with ESPN said that he would be targetting his opponent's feet during the match.

“Justin Gaethje is coming up with a lot of bullsh*t,” said Oliveira (transcription via MMA Clips Brazil).  “I think that’s what he’s trying to do, to win the mind game. But that makes no difference to me. I learned that we have two ears to listen but we also have to let it out… If he thinks he can beat me in a standing fight, he can try to knock me out. If he thinks he’s a better wrestler than me, he can take me down too.”

The pair will be facing each other at the main event of UFC 274, on 7th May 2022.

Charles Oliveira will be defending his 155lb title against Justin Gaethje in his second title defense.

Oliveira made it apparent that he won't let his adversary do as he pleases and will be prepared for both striking and grappling.

"Do Bronx" also alleged Gaethje of playing mind games with him to get inside his head.

Oliveira stated, following his years of fighting experience, nothing fazes him anymore in the octagon.

"I think today I'm a step above the lightweight division. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm not nervous anymore."

Do you think Justin Gaethje gets past Charles Oliveira to become the UFC Lightweight Champion of the world?

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