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Heartbreaking News as Serena Williams Announces Retirement From Tennis

By: Jeron Jacob


In a recent Vogue article, Serena Williams, one of the greatest players if not the greatest ever to play the game, announced her retirement from tennis.

Serena wrote, "I have never liked the word retirement, maybe the best word to describe what I’m up to is evolution."

Serena mentioned that she is evolving away from tennis, and wants to focus on other things that are important to her.

Williams added that she never wanted to choose between family and tennis it's not fair. According to her if she was a guy she would still be playing.

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However, to fans' delight, Serena gave a hint that she might play in the US Open which will be starting in the coming weeks.

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Serena Williams who will be turning 41 years old next month, has clinched a total of 73 career singles titles, and 23 career doubles titles.

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Serena made her comeback after a long break due to her leg injury at Eastbourne International before taking part in the Wimbledon Championships where things didn't go as planned.

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No matter what, through many coming generations, Serena Williams will always be considered one of the greatest athletes the world has ever graced.

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