Dana White Criticizes Colby Covington For his Trash Talks

The relationship between Colby Covington and Dana White has not been the best in the last few years, especially when Covington was the interim welterweight champion.

Both Covington and White have taken a dig at each other in the media. However, things are different now.

Colby Covington has certainly impressed Dana White with his brilliant performances inside the octagon. And White has no choice but to respect Covington as a fighter.

But, that does not mean Dana White appreciates Colby Covington's antiques for fight promotion.

Dana White praised Covington for his win at UFC 272 but he also criticized him for his trash talk.

"After a while no matter how much you hate him you atleast gotta respect him. The guy keeps winning fight and he is a tough dude." I don't know if I had any bad words to say about him. I said, He’s an asshole. Would anybody disagree with that? Even he [Colby] would probably agree with that. I respect the kid,”- Dana White

“I agree with that too. It’s called man code. You either have it or you don’t,” - White's comments on Covington's trash talks

And a big credit of Covington's success in UFC goes to his polarizing gimmick. However, Covington has turned into a crowd favorite from a heel in his last few fights.

Colby Covington has called out his former teammate, Dustin Poirier after beating Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272.

However, Covington might fight the winner of Burns vs Chimaev for the number one contender spot.