"He's Like My Little Brother" - Guram And Khamzat Chimaev Have a Special Bond

Guram Kutateladze battled Mateusz Gamrot on his UFC debut.

Guram’s powerful blows helped him conquer victory in his very first UFC match.

Guram will be back in the ring after 2 whole years.

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The Georgian Viking is all set to face the Russian lightweight Damir Ismagulov on coming Sunday.

Both the fighters will be entering the ring with big winning streaks.

Guram has been training with his partner Khamzat Chimaev.

Guram Kutateladze has been childhood friends with his training partner Khamzat Chimaev.


In the pre-fight interview, Guram said, “He is like my little brother, so I love him.”

Guram was also present to show support for Khamzat in his last fight.

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