Hidden Messages In WWE Superstar's Costume In 2022

Queen Zelina

Zelina’s gear was representing her favourite anime Naruto. Her gear resembled Madara Uchiha’s armour.

Miz and Maryse

The couple was dressed in all red. The red was a representation of love. In this case, the unconditional love they have for each other


Doudrop made a tribute to her Scottish heritage with her Plaid Costume. She is representing the Montgomery Clan by wearing the Blue Tartan Plaid


Ricochet always does his best to come out with cool gears. At the Rumble, Ricochet resembled Tekken’s Gin Kazama with the Flaming tights.


Lita had a tribute to Pump Rock. Her gear had a list of popular bands like Rancid embroidered in them.


Sasha Banks put in a lot of effort in her gear to resemble her favourite Anime Character, Sailor Moon


The Visionary of Drip has always been rocking the Suit Game and during the Royal Rumble’s SmackDown Go-Home show, Rollins dressed in a purple suit. A Purple Suit, green tie and Rollins’ crazy laugh. Clearly, Rollins is the Joker


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