"His Time is Coming":Andrew Tate Accepts Logan Paul's Challenge

By: Alok Nayak Image credit:  YouTube

The Paul brothers are everywhere right now. While Jake Paul is making history in boxing Logan Paul has done some incredible work in WWE.

Recently, Logan Paul called out internet sensation and successful entrepreneur, Andrew Tate for a MMA fight.

The Maverick also said that Andrew Tate is one of the biggest frauds ever, who has managed to gain a massive audience.

Well, Andrew Tate has responded to Logan Paul's comments in his recent appearance on Adin Ross's stream.

When asked about whether he takes PEDs to achieve his physique, Andrew Tate confirmed that he is a clean athlete unlike Logan Paul.

"I am not Logan, I don't need to f***g juice up, I am not some D**k head."- Andrew Tate said trolling Logan Paul

Andrew Tate also left the door open for a potential celebrity fight against Logan Paul by saying: "His time is coming."

Andrew Tate has previously accused Logan Paul of steroids. Logan is currently in WWE and recently lost his match at Crown Jewel.

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Logan Paul gets brutally honest about his potential next opponent, Andrew Tate, calls him the biggest fraud ever.