Hollywood Star Brad Pitt Said LeBron James' Legacy in NBA is Pointless

By: Vivek Nair Image credit: NBA and Twitterr

LeBron James is widely considered to be one of the best basketball players of all time. He has various accomplishments, including four NBA championships and four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards.

James is pretty famous in the hollywood industry and celebrities talk about him in interviews and talk shows very often.

In 2018, Brad Pitt returned to The ' Jim Jefferies Show ' as the "weatherman," where he joked about LeBron's legacy and made fun of his height.

“I was hanging out with LeBron James and he said ‘How’s the weather down there?’ because he’s tall. And I said the same as it is up there changing out a phase not before seen in the history of man." Brad said.

He continued, "Your legacy is pointless. Our people and our memories will all burn” According to Brad, James' legacy was useless since all of the people would eventually forget about him.

The joke was in reference to LeBron's defeat over the Golden State Warriors twice in 2016 and 2017.

Following the joke, Jim Jeffries defends King James, adding, “It’s the middle of the NBA playoffs. I think LeBron’s legacy will be just fine. Do you have a forecast for us, weatherman?”

LeBron has undoubtedly had an impressive career in the NBA and nobody can deny that. After surpassing Kareem to become the All-Time scorer, James is without a doubt among the best or the greatest player of all time.

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