How Did Cristiano Ronaldo Fall in Love With Georgina Rodriguez?

By: Remin Chacko Image credit: Google

During the latest interview of Ronaldo with Piers Morgan, he spoke about his feelings and the way he felt betrayed by his club.

He spoke about his club Manchester united and about his personal life. He also spoke about the experience of losing his son and the birth of his daughter.

Ronaldo told Morgan that Georgina help him when he lost his child during the summer. She helped him and supported him to get back to football.

Ronaldo met Georgina in Spain. While he was shopping in a Gucci store she was a model in Spain and also worked a part-time in Gucci shop.

Georgina explained her part in the Netflix documentary. She said she was impressed, and he was gentle toward her. Georgina caught the former real Madrid’s eye.

Georgina said, “it was love at first sight for both”. In the interview, Ronaldo said, “she helped me so much and I’m in love with her”. Every fan thinks that they deserve to get married.

The couple met each other in 2016. Soon media surrounded the shop to get a glimpse of Ronald. She left the job. Since then Georgina has been supporting Ronaldo for any clubs he is playing.

She moved from Spain to Italy and is now in England with him. Ronaldo said his mother wants them to get married but that’s not his plan in the near future yes he wants to.

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