Israel Adesanya Reveals How He Spent His First $1 Million


Although he has apparently spent $500,000 on jewelries, Adesanya revealed that he spent $13,000 of his first million dollar on Jewels.


The UFC middleweight champ revealed he spent $3000-5000k behind Shoes and Threads.


The Stylebender revealed his back tattoo cost him $4000-5000k. Israel calls the tattoo 'Kunta Kinte.'


Israel revealed he bought his first sportscar and named it 'Kurama' based on anime series 'Naruto.' It cost him $500,000.


Israel revealed he spent about $150,000 on vacation when he visited his home country Nigeria. He stopped by Dubai and had a great time there.


Adesanya revealed he spent around $40,000 of his first million to buy gifts for his family members.


He spent around  $800,000 on buying his first house.

Home Cinema

Israel revealed he spent $20,000 on a custom built home cinema.

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