Kamaru Usman Reveals How He Spent His First $1 Million

Daughter's  Birthday

Between his daughter's birthday and a Nissan Maxima, Kamaru Usman spent $30,000 of his first million dollars.


The welterweight champion revealed that he bought a Rolex which is worth $20,000.

Trainers and Coaches

The champ revealed that he kept about $200,000 aside for his coaches and trainers as a gesture of gratitude.

Daughter's Education

In the video, Usman revealed his daughter goes to a private school and it costs him around $30,000 per year.


Kamaru Usman revealed that he bought a house worth $500,000 after his last fight against Colby Covington.


Although he was cheated out of $60,000, Usman eventually ended up investing another $30,000. So he spent $90,000 in total.

New Car

Usman spent $80,000 on a new Range Rover.


Kamaru Usman chipped in about $50,000 to help out his brother.

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