Mike Tyson's Luxurious Lifestyle

Youngest heavyweight boxing champion of all time, Mike Tyson earned over $400 million in his boxing career.

When it comes to luxury cars, Mike Tyson certainly knows how to stand out. At 21 years old, Tyson bought Rolls Royce silver spur for nearly $120,000. 

Tyson also bought the limited edition Bently Continental S-C for nearly $500,000 dollar. He also had Jaguar X-J-200 that nearly cost him $600,000.

Mike Tyson bought a $2.5 million mansion(Henderson Home) in Las Vegas. He also had a luxurious mansion in Connecticut that had 52 rooms including 21 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and basketball courts, a media room, a private cinema, and a private nightclub.

Mike Tyson spent $250,000 on an Emerald and Diamond Bracelet. As per reports, Tyson was spending over 100,000 on jewelry and clothes.

Mike Tyson gifted a $2.3 million custom-made gold bathtub to his first wife Robin Givens. But, after Tyson broke up with Givens he sold the bathtub to a billionaire.

Mike Tyson's net worth is around $10 million as per reports.

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