How Does Rafael Nadal Treat Court Employees During His Matches?

Rafael Nadal started his 2022 journey quite remarkably by winning two back-to-back Grand Slams. 

During the Wimbledon quarter-final, Nadal was suffering from an abdominal injury but somehow managed to win the match.

However, his dream of achieving the calender slam has come to an end as he had to pull out of Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal is always considered a humble human being on the court as well as off the court.

After his Wimbledon exit, Nadal personally went and greeted each and every staff member.

Arthur Delaye, one of Nadal's staff members revealed how Nadal treats his staff members.


He said, "As a worker in Roland Garros since 2018 I can say that Rafa is always so kind to the staff and he takes time to greet every single person at the end of the tournament."

Arthur added by saying that Nadal is a fighter and the definition of humility off the court.

Injuries have been haunting him for quite some time still Nadal always seems to find a way to come back stronger.

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