How Many PPV's Has Jon Jones Sold in His UFC Career

Jon Jones is arguably the greatest mixed martial artist in the history of MMA. The former light-heavyweight champion has accomplished almost everything, and now wants to get his hands at the heavyweight championship.

Jon Jones is set to make his heavyweight debut and has asked for a championship fight against Francis Ngannou. However, according to Jones he deserves a better price to take on someone like Ngannou. Let's review his PPV pull in order to understand whether or not Jones deserve the kind of money he is asking for.

Jon Jones Heavyweight Debut

Jon Jones PPV Buys

Total PPV buys: 7,122,000  Average buys: 547,846

Jon Jones 

Jon Jones averages more than 500,000 PPV buys despite being a dominant champion and in the mix of rising contenders getting a title shot because he has cleared the division. That speaks a lot about people wanting to see Jon Jones compete inside the Octagon.

Jon Jones can bring in huge number

Stats clearly indicate that Jon Jones can pull in huge numbers. Needless to say, with the added popularity of Francis Ngannou and the idea of his ferocious power handing Jones' his first MMA loss is quite exciting.