How Quickly Will  Cody Rhodes Becomes the WWE Champion

Cody Rhodes made an emphatic return to WWE at WrestleMania 38

The American Nightmare was the Mystery opponent for Seth Rollins

On the following episode of Raw, Cody revealed that he is interested in winning the WWE Champion

In his entire run in WWE or AEW, Cody has never won the top title

Roman Reigns currently holds both the WWE World Heavyweight and Universal Titles

Roman Reigns has been undefeated for nearly 2 years and doesn’t look like he will be dropping the titles soon

The only time I see The Tribal Chief dropping either title is when he defends both titles on the same night

At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns will be defending the Universal Title in the opening match, while Cody faces a beaten and battered Reigns in the main event for the WWE Title

That is how and when I see Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns to become the new WWE Champion


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