How Serious Is Rafael Nadal’s Abdominal Injury Suffered at Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal entered 2022 Wimbledon eyeing his 23rd Grand Slam title.

During the quarter-final, Nadal was suffering from an abdominal injury but managed to win a thrilling 5-set game.

Nadal was all set to face Nick Kyrgios in the semi-final.

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However, Nadal suffered a 7mm abdominal tear.

Due to this injury, he was forced to withdraw from the semi-final.

Nadal said, "As everyone saw yesterday I have been suffering with a pain in the abdominal and something was not ok there. That is confirmed, I have a tear in the muscle."

Nadal mentioned that if he played, the injury would keep getting worse.


This resulted in Nick Kyrgios getting a walkover and reaching his first career Grand Slam final.

With the injury, Nadal's dream of calendar Grand Slam comes to an end.

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