Huge WrestleMania 38 Spoiler - Major Debut Leaked

image courtesy: devian art

This Year’s WrestleMania is 2-nights yet again

image courtesy: devian art

It is the most Stupendous 2-Night Event of the year and will be taking place in Dallas, Texas

Now a major spoiler has been leaked and nope it is not Cody Rhodes

Recently, Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson announced he is retiring from amateur wrestling

Gable retires with an impressive 85 - 2 record

Almost immediately after that, Gable tweeted out saying, “I will be at WrestleMania 38, It’s Time!!”

Gable signed with WWE a long time ago and has not been seen ever since he was drafted to WWE RAW

Gable instantly deleted the tweet

It looks like WWE want to keep this a secret

The Only reason I think WWE want to keep it a secret if Steveson is going to be somehow involved at WrestleMania other than just sitting at ringside

What do you think will be Gable’s role at WrestleMania 38?


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