"I am Not A Fool" - Charles Oliveira Says He Won't Be Desperate To Take Justin Gaethje Down

Charles Oliveira will be defending his title against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274.

The UFC lightweight champion has been appearing on several channels opening up about his plans for the fight.

When asked about studying the flaws of his opponent at UFC 274, Oliveira seemed outright fearless.

The champ resposnded with sheer confidence- "Iam a MMA fighter. Iam a complete fighter."

"The fight will start, I'll exchange blows with this guy.. when there is an opportunity to take it to the ground, I'll take it to the ground.. when there is an opportunity to stand on the grid and wrestle, I'll wrestle him. I train wrestling too."

Oliveira further talked about the immense faith he has on himself to go out there, candid, and give the best fight.

"Of all times I've fought, I've never been desperate to take someone to the ground."

Do Bronx boldly stated that it does not matter to him who he will be facing next as long as his mind is shielded, which indeed is clear from his past fights.

What do you think of Oliveira's claims?

Oliveira has also previously accused Gaethje of playing mind games with him to get inside his head.

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