I Am Not Dead Yet - Nick Diaz Fires Back at Fans and Critics

Nick Diaz's return to the UFC Octagon did not go the way many would have hoped, including probably Nick Diaz himself.

Nick diaz returned to the ufc back at ufc 266

The Stockton Slugger dropped a TKO loss against Robbie Lawler in a rematch after almost 18 years at UFC 266.


While fans thought it was a one-off affair, it looks like Nick Diaz could return to the Octagon once again.

Earlier, Diaz's longtime coach Cesar Gracie had confirmed that Diaz will return to the cage later this year.


Needless to say, fans were not quite pleased with the idea. Recently, even former UFC Champion Daniel Cormier did not look too happy at the news and shared his views on his return on an episode of RD & DC.


Reacting to the same, Nick Diaz put out an Instagram story. 

It goes without saying, it was a response to all the fans and critics doubting his successful return to the UFC.

"Put me back in. I'm not dead yet." The image on his story was captioned as saying.