Tyson Fury Makes a Big Mistake During Press Conference 

A monumental heavyweight fight takes place in the Wembley arena on April 23, 2022.

A monumental heavyweight fight takes place in the Wembley arena on April 23, 2022.

Though Fury and Whyte will go to war soon, there is no beef between these former training partners.

During the press conference for the fight, both Fury and Whyte had nothing but respect for each other. Fury was grateful to Whyte for helping him out for his fights in the past.

"When we sparred years ago I think it was about 2011, 12 whatever. Sparring is sparring. I think I was preparing for David Hey or could have been Klitschko and Dillian came in and he did his job along with the rest of the guys who was there helping me prepare for a fight. It's  not about I beat him up in a spar or he beat me in a spar."- Tyson Fury on sparring with Dillian Whyte

But, Tyson Fury, who is one of the best trash talkers in boxing today made a silly mistake that made Dillian Whyte and others in the press conference chuckle.

"We were good friends together. We went out for drink we ate together we slept together."- Tyson Fury

Responding to Fury's comments about sleeping together, Whyte said: "We did not sleep together, bro. We slept in a similar surroundings but not together bro, relax."

Tyson Fury even apologized for the mistake and said "I am sorry" to Dillian Whyte

It was certainly a great moment between two former training partners who will go to war in a few days.

Tyson Fury is widely regarded as the best heavyweight boxer in the world at the moment.

If Dillian Whyte can go out there and beat Fury then it will certainly be one of the biggest upsets in the heavyweight division's history.

Who do you think wins this heavyweight matchup?