“I Beat My Dad”- Venus Williams Reveals the Best Memory From Her Childhood

Venus Williams was spotted practicing tennis a few days after her exit from the Wimbledon mixed doubles.

There are rumors that the American star will soon be making her singles come back on the court.

Venus Williams regularly updates her YouTube channel where she addresses various topics.

In a recent QnA video, Venus spoke about her family and her childhood.

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Venus was asked what was her best memory growing up.

She said, "I was like eight years old.., we're always practicing late and I beat my dad. The rule was if I beat him I could play a tournament but he didn't let me for a year so yeah I had to wait."

Venus mentioned that it was not a great way to show respect to your parents by saying that.


It showed that at a very young age, Venus was already passionate about tennis and was ready to face the real world.

With US Open coming up, will the 42-year-old make her first singles appearance after a year?

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