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"I miss playing" - 41-Year-Old Serena Williams Teases Tennis Return

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

The 23-time Grand Slam champion, who proved last year at the US Open she can still fight with the best in the world, is still debating whether to change her mind about retiring.

Williams said, "I did play the other day, and there's just no way I shouldn't be playing tennis professionally. There is absolutely no justification.

She is having second thoughts about returning to professional play after spending two decades competing at the highest level while also enjoying more time with her family away from the court.

"I believe that the reason I feel conflicted is that I can still play at an extremely high level. I always aimed to finish the game at a very high level" said Serena in an interview. 

"I haven't played as much lately, though. I definitely miss it. I must go get there right away. But I find it challenging to get there", said Serena. 

Recently Serena tweeted, "Everyday I miss playing than I think about training for 8+hrs a day. It’s not that bad right?"  teasing her tennis return on social media.

To which fans commented, "I know what you miss most champ, the thrill of victory its like a drug you could never get enough of" and "Play doubles. You’d win a few more slams easily."

"Everyday we miss seeing you play," "Indulge! This new aspect of your time is precious." "Your the Goat either way" are the few comments made by Serena fans on her post. 

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