I Will Not Name - Alexa Bliss Slams Authority for “Rude” Behavior

Alexa Bliss recently took to Twitter to slam airport authority because of an unfortunate incident she faced at the Phoenix airport.

WWE Money in the Bank is set to go down in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Alexa Bliss will take part in the 7-women Money in the Bank Ladder match contract.

Ahead of arguably the biggest night of her WWE career since her TV return and after getting married, Bliss will once again look to get into the title picture with a win at MITB.

However, it was quite unfortunate to hear from Bliss about her recent travel experience at the Phoenix airport days ahead of Money in the Bank.

Bliss slammed the "manager of the American desk" for his "rude" behavior. However, she declined to reveal his name.

"I did have a stressful travel day yesterday- and a delay last night - but that was nothing compared to how terribly rude the manager of the American desk was at phx airport who I will not name. Travel already sucks right now- NO need to ruin everyone else’s day with your attitude." Bliss tweeted.

Here's hoping the experience doesn't have any effect on Bliss' performance come Money in the Bank 2022.

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