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"I'm not okay": 44-Year-Old Female WWE Star Felt Like She is Dying

By: Ujan Chakraborty Image credit: Twitter

One of the most well-known WWE wrestlers from the early 2000s is Candice Michelle. She has recently revealed about her terrifying health issue that she has been dealing with for a while now.

During an interview, she spoke about the time she moved to Colorado and wasn't feeling well. She thought she had low blood sugar, so she went to a baker to ask for help.

"I saw this baker in a shop and I just went to him to ask about medic. I was with my three kids and no family and friends. As he went for help, I was on the ground as I was unconscious." 

She was taken to the hospital, where they ran tests and diagnosed her with a panic attack. She said, "I can't open my eyes, I can't see anything, and I kept saying, 'I have three kids."

In the following months, Candice Michelle experienced numerous panic attacks every day.  She claimed to be experiencing "Level three adrenal exhaustion" as a result of the shift. She felt like she was going to die after having a panic attack every day.

"I tried medications, even though that's not my first protocol. But I was like, I'm dying, I'm not okay," said Michelle.

According to Michelle, she said she was caught in a "vicious cycle." She claimed that after sending one child to school, she would experience a panic attack before taking another one.  

Given her state of health, it's not surprising that Candice Michelle hasn't joined WWE even though other legends have lately made comebacks.

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