Inside the Luxurious Lifestyle of  Gervonta Davis

Widely regarded as one of the brightest prospects in the world of boxing, Davis continues to impress the boxing world with his incredible performances inside the ring.


Gervonta Davis lives a luxurious lifestyle and it's quite evident from his costly possessions.

Davis' net-worth is reported at nearly $6 million.

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Davis' Instagram is filled with photos from his training or his collection of valuables, mostly including cars, watches, and jewelery.

Let's take a look at his most valuable possessions and learn more about Davis' lifestyle outside of the boxing ring.

Davis owns a huge collection of luxurious supercars.

However, his watches and jewelry collection also catches the attention of boxing fans around the world.

Davis also has the luxury of travelling in a private jet.

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Davis is a car enthusiast and owns the exotic USSV Rhino GX.

Davis' like to carry himself well and right fully so. He is one of the most well-dressed boxer in the world right now and likes to leave a fashion statement whenever he makes an appearance outside of the ring.

It's quite rare for Davis to make an appearance in public without golden necklaces and costly watches. The customized GTD (Gervonta Tank Davis) necklace costs a whopping $2 million.


Davis has a habit of using his own name on most of his possessions, so it's not surprising to know that his boxing shoes are specially designed for him, once again with the trademark "GTD".

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