Is Becky Lynch Stepping Into Katie Taylor’s Shoes?

Becky Lynch is one of the greatest pro-wrestlers to come out of Ireland, and arguably WWE's Biggest Superstar today.

Katie Taylor is a multi-time gold-medalist in boxing with  a belt collection that would put ultimo dragon to shame.

The 2 women spoke with each other in a candid interview arranged by DAZN & WWE, where Taylor touched upon her childhood & boxing struggles.


But the real headline coming out of this interview is the fact that Becky Lynch might just be playing Katie Taylor in a movie!

On April 15th, TV Insider published an interview that Scott Fishman had conducted with The Man where she opened up on why she believed she was the "real main event".


Towards the end of their chat, Lynch also addressed her Hollywood status, stressing that while there were no concrete plans, she did have an idea in her mind and a  script in hand. See if it sounds familiar.


It's about, “A female boxer from Ireland who came over and made her name as champion over here." Ring any bells?


That's right; Becky Lynch might just play Katie Taylor's role in her debut Hollywood project!

Both women are absolute legends in Ireland, and there is a sense of synergy in their respective journeys. Though Lynch might never step in a boxing ring professionally, she could soon do it while portraying a combat sport peer of hers!