Is Justin Gaethje Mexican? -The Highlight Spill the Beans on His Mexican Roots

Justin Gaethje appeared on the latest episode of The Din Diaries- UFC 274.

The former UFC interim lightweight champion joined the veteran for a game of golf.

In the course, Gaethje shared some personal details from his life.

Gaethje was born and brought up in Safford, Arizona.

The Highlight revealed that he is half-Mexican from his maternal lineage.

Gaethje shares that he is more inclined towards his white roots, while his twin brother has more of his mother's traits.

On how his Mexican descent influences his fighting style, Gaethje had this to say. "I've got the competitive nature from my mom, she is absolutely crazy. I've got the physical trait from my dad, the German side."

The Highlight asserts that he is "white on the outside but brown in the inside."

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