Is She The Next Venus Williams? Coco Gauff Receives Huge Praise

18-year-old Coco Gauff has shown that she is one of the most talented players in this generation.

She won the Linz Open at just 15 years old and came under the spotlight for the first time.

Gauff became the youngest player to enter the top 100 in WTA.

Coco Gauff has currently claimed World No.15 ranking.

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She also became the youngest to reach a Grand Slam final since Maria Sharapova.

Gauff’s performance has impressed many but also coach Rick Macci.

Rick Macci is the Ex-coach of American star Venus Williams.


Rick tweeted, “Coco Gauff reminds me of Venus in her movement.”

He also said that Gauff plays shots better than any woman today.

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