Is Theory Related to John Cena - You Need to Know

WWE is trying "really hard" to push Theory as the next face of WWE. So much, that he was given a special entry to the Money in the Bank contract match, which by the way, he ended up winning.

Mr. Money in the Bank reigned supreme as the United States Champion before dropping it to Bobby Lashley at MITB. Needless to say, during his reign, he was compared with John Cena.

In case you need a reminder, John Cena brought relevance to the United States Championship and with the same idea, WWE has been trying to push Theory.

So much, that John Cena was even rumored to face Theory for the United State Championship not so long ago at SummerSlam. However, that seems to have passed.

So why the incredible push? Is Theory somehow related to John Cena that WWE is trying to push him as the next face of the WWE? The answer is simple.

Theory is not related to John Cena. And one might wonder why the comparison to the 16-time WWE Champion are made almost every episode during Monday Night RAW.

However, there's a problem with comparing Theory to Cena. There's only one John Cena, and that takes away the authenticity of a character of Theory in the WWE.

Even if Theory does manage to reach the heights Cena has reached, it's going to take a long time. And in the meantime, it's very hard to control the fans' reaction to the surging WWE superstar.

Moreover, there's a risk of losing Theory completely in his bid to become John Cena. Imagine if WWE had tried to push Roman Reigns as the next Rock.

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