By: Alok Nayak

Israel Adesanya Brings Up Chadwick Boseman Tragedy After Fanhate

Image Credit: UFC

Many UFC fans are seemingly celebrating the knockout loss of Israel Adesanya against Alex Pereira at UFC 281.

The former champion, Israel Adesanya was branded "boring" champion after his last few fights went to decision.

It's needless to say that many fans were hoping for a new champion in the middleweight division at UFC 281.

The former champion, Israel Adesanya responds to fans trolling him for his KO loss during the UFC 281 press conference.

“Some medical stuff that I’ve just put on the back burner. Even stuff people make fun of me for. I mean yeah, I just gotta look after myself cause my health comes first."- Izzy stated

Israel Adesanya even compared his situation with Chadwick Boseman, who go trolled for losing his weight while battling cancer.

"Even think about Chadwick Boseman, when everyone was making fun of him. ‘Oh he looks so this, he looks so skinny, he looks so sleepy.’ Not knowing behind the scenes, he was fighting cancer.”

UFC fans certainly cross the limit on many occasion while criticizing the fighters. However, Adesanya handled his loss at UFC 281 in the classiest way possible.

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