"It Comes Down To..." - John Cena Reveals the One Condition He Will return to WWE


16-time WWE Champion John Cena has been basking in the glory of his successful Hollywood career, and rightfully so.


Cena has time and again proved his love for professional wrestling, and continues to be a real asset to the organisation.

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Cena was last seen back at Summerslam 2021. Cena dropped a decisive loss against Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship.

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Cena on returning to WWE:

"I think for me at least it comes down to loving the material...I just can't do anything I can't resonate with and I don't have some sort of connection." Cena said.

John Cena is must-see TV for any professional wrestling fan.

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John Cena back in WWE certainly adds more flavor to its programming, and a sense of belongingness that Cena has carried for WWE for all these years.

There are several options for Cena should he decide to return to the ring. While the likes of Edge, AJ Styles, or even Cody Rhodes makes for any exciting feud -

A refueling of the rivalry with Roman Reigns is certainly intriguing too.

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