“It Didn’t Go Well” - John Cena Admits He Made a Mistake During His WWE Debut

John Cena is set to make his WWE return on June 27 later this month to mark his 20-year anniversary with WWE.

June 27 is the exact date on which John Cena made his WWE debut 20 years ago to face Kurt Angle.

Cena was last seen inside the WWE ring back at SummerSlam in 2021. Cena took on the Tribal Chief in a losing effort.

Ahead of his WWE return to mark his 20-year anniversary with the WWE, Cena opened up on his debut in a WWE exclusive.

“I guess looking back at it, I’m grateful for the moment, I’m grateful I debuted in such a historic arena with such an amazing performer [in Angle], but I’m also grateful it didn’t go well cause it taught me, especially when ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ character was introduced, I was neither ruthless nor aggressive." John Cena said.

"I was quite submissive, and passive, and acted like a fan, and I was. That’s okay, but you can’t do that there. You have to stand out." Cena added.

John Cena made his WWE debut against Kurt Angle in a singles match, and went through multiple character transformation to finally find his footing in WWE.

Cena will return on June 27. Fans expect for him to feud with current United States Champion Theory. However, only time will tell whether it's a in-ring return, or limited to solo appearance.


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