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“It’s Your Funeral”- Ronda Rousey Has Bad Intentions For Her Extreme Rules Match

By: Rahul V Krishnan\ Image credits: WWE 

Ronda Rousey this week on Smackdown sat down with presenter Kayla Braxton for an interview previewing her title match against Liv Morgan.

Rousey told Kayla that there will be no more controversy this time around referring to their Summerslam match ending after a refereeing mistake.

Liv Morgan interrupted the interview and told the Smackdown presenter that she needed some time alone with the Baddest woman on the planet.

Liv then called out Rousey for not respecting her and told her that she is the only person to beat Ronda Rousey twice in the WWE.

Liv challenged Rousey to an extreme rules match at the premium live event and then told Rousey that she will earn her respect when she beats her again.

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Ronda then accepted the challenge and warned the champion that it will be her funeral when Rousey finally gets her hand on the former Riott squad member.

Ronda Rousey vs Liv Morgan in an Extreme Rules match is now made official for the Extreme Rules premium live event which will take place on October 8th 2022.

It is unclear whether WWE will put the title on Rousey or not but Rousey’s recent alliance with her best friend Shayna Baszler is one to keep an eye on.

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