Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland Go Back and Forth at UFC 276 Press Conference

UFC 276 press conference had some exciting moments between the fighters.

But the best moment was certanly the back and forth between UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya and top contender in Sean Strickland.

When asked who is the best striker on the stage, Sean Strickland took a dig at Adesanya by bringing up his KO loss to Alex Perieira.

“I would say me [I’m the best striker] but that man [Alex Pereira] was the one who slept that man [Israel Adesanya]. So next to me, probably Alex,” Strickland answered. “What was it 2-0 against Izzy? Izzy, what was it? 2-0?”- Sean Strickland said

Israel Adesanya had a feiry response to Strickland as he said that he will KO him if they ever fight and he will do a Tik Tok dance in his celebration.

“Oh man, I made the champion mad with his f****** frosted tips and his gay little watch, oh no!” Strickland said. “I’m just joking. Izzy is a savage. Bro, your Pornhub is just filled with cartoons. No man who beats off to cartoons is going to beat me. Calm down.”- Sean Strickland said in response

Sean Strickland has a high chance of winning against Alex Pereira at UFC 276 thanks to his elite grappling.

Even Darren Till, who has trained with Strickland, predicted that Alex Pereira will lose the fight via submission in first round.

Well, if that happens Sean Strickland will get an opportunity to settle his rivalry with Israel Adesanya inside the octagon.