Jake Paul Lost Millions of Dollars Before Beating Anderson Silva

By Alok Nayak Image courtesy: Twitter

Jake Paul was one of the highest-earning athletes of 2021 as he earned $40 million for his boxing fights against Tyron Woodley.

However, things are not the same for the Problem Child who did not earn any money before the fight against Anderson Silva.

In fact, Jake Paul reveals that he had to suffer the loss of millions of dollars because of his inactivity in 2022. His fight against Hasim Rahman Jr was canceled earlier this year.

And his last fight against Anderson Silva only managed to sell around 300k PPVs. Jake Paul reveals that he lost a lot of money due to his team and boxing promotion.

"Not only did I make Zero, I lost like millions of dollars just running a goddamn organization with 15 employees."- Jake Paul stated

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Jake Paul also stated that everyone on his team is contributing way more than what they are being paid and he blamed his inactivity for the financial loss.

"I had to fight this year. I just had to get it f***g done bro. I am sick and tired of waiting around."- Jake Paul on his boxing career

Jake Paul's fight purse for the fight against Anderson Silva is not revealed yet. But, Paul earned $2 million for his last fight against Woodley excluding the PPV share

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