Jiri Prochazka's War Hairstyle And The Mystery Behind It

Jiri Prochazka has won over his audience with his remarkable fighting style ever since his phenomenal KO win debut.

The Czech fighter has already set his foot in the light heavyweight ranking on #4.

However, he didn't catch fans' attention only through his fighting, but his unusual hairstyle has backed his popularity as well.

Prochazka first made his appearance with the war hairstyle last year, before his fight against Dominick Reyes.


He revealed that the hairstyle is inspired by the Muay Thai warriors.

“That’s my antenna.” “I was motivated by the Muay Thai warriors.. I like this stuff. I say that, it’s war hair.”

Jiri also credited his hair, partly, for the victory against Reyes.

His Muay Thai roots very well connects the dots of his hairstyle resembling the headgear worn by Muay Thai fighters called Mongkhon.

The fighter is breezing through his opponents in UFC, scoring victory in his last two fights to get himself a title shot.

He will be going against the veteran Glover Teixeira for the light heavyweight title this weekend at UFC 275.

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