Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson Have an Advice for Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is on a two-fight losing streak since his win over Donald Cerrone.

In his last four UFC fights, Conor has lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier.

Though Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov are two of the best lightweights in UFC history consecutive losses are surely damaging McGregor's star power.

A big reason for McGregor's recent downfall is believed to be his inactivity inside the octagon. McGregor has only fought four times in UFC since UFC 205.

Conor McGregor is likely to make a return in 2022.

Though the opponent for his next fight is not revealed yet McGregor is aiming for a title fight against Kamaru Usman.

However, Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson do not seem to like McGregor's idea of fighting Usman after a long layoff.

In a recent episode of Hotboxing with Mike Tyson, Joe Rogan talked about what should McGregor do tomake a successful UFC return.

"I hope he comes back. He's fun, I hope he comes back.To jump right into Dustin Poirier or right into Michael Chandler, I think what Conor needs to do is what Conor wants to do. If Conor thinks he can go up and fight Usman and make a big payday, try to become a three division champion he should do that. "- Joe Rogan on McGregor calling out Usman.

Both Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson seemed to agree on McGregor getting a tune-up fight on his return. Joe Rogan believes McGregor should fight an up-and-comer in the lightweight division instead of fighting the top-ranked fighters.

"If Conor wants the most chance of success fight a guy who is a little below championship level. Maybe the guy on the come-up. Give him a test but don't put him in there with Usman."

Conor McGregor is currently ranked number 9 in the lightweight division.

Now it's true that McGregor does not need to be highly ranked in order to get a title shot in UFC. His stardom in the sport will certainly earn him a title shot in both the lightweight and welterweight division.

However, McGregor should get back on the winning column before fighting the champions in Charles Oliveira or Kamaru Usman.