Joe Rogan Thinks Camille Vasquez Loves Johnny Depp!

Joe Rogan is hoping that Johnny Depp and his attorney Camille Vasquez fall in love.

During his podcast, 'The Joe Rogan Experience,' Joe added that he thinks being with Camille will sober Johnny up.

The ace comedian added that Camille Vasquez is very courageous for the way she has defended Depp in the trial so far.

"I hope Johnny and her fall in love, that's what I hope. I hope after this trial is over, they go out to dinner and he thanks her and then they fall in love and he gets sober... I think she loves him."

Joe Rogan said....

When Rogan was told that Vasquez was already in a relationship, he joked that Camille will leave her partner if Depp wanted.

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial has finally concluded it's proceedings. Now the jury will give a verdict in the coming days.

Johnny has sued Amber for defamation and it's verdict has a potential $100 million reward for Depp.

Camille Vasquez is a part of Depp's defense team that has been there with him for the duration of the trial.

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