By: Ujan Chakraborty

John Cena's Bald Spot Haunts Him as WWE Star Trolls Him Viciously

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On John Cena's return, the US Champion confronted him to set up a WrestleMania match. The two superstars didn't hold back as they both verbally attacked one another as they squared off. 

Cena's appearance met fans' expectations. He gave the wrestling community a feature that no one had expected. During their promo battle, Theory made the decision to make fun of Cena's bald spot.

In addition to idolizing his "star" for a WrestleMania match, Theory publicly disrespected him. He said, “I am not going anywhere, just like that bald spot on your head isn’t going anywhere.”

Cena destroyed Theory proving why he is the master of promos. He said, “I would so much rather be bald than have them pipe in fake crowd noises for my matches because no one cares.”  

Fans started talking about Cena's bald patch as images of his bald patch started spreading on social media as he was competing against Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn on Smackdown.

Many fans were also influenced by John Cena's hairdo. He had a variety of hairstyles during the course of his career. From the Mohawk hairdo to the short hair, his brand's face became famous. 

With his entrance into the Hollywood industry, Cena was unable to maintain his WWE haircut. For the movie "Project X" Cena grew out his hair, and he even made WWE appearances with those hairstyles. .

While some people preferred Cena's vintage look, others believed his current look is better. It appears that he can't return to his original look anytime soon because of his Hollywood commitments.

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