John Cena Gave a Huge Lesson to Cody Rhodes on Dealing With Fans

In an interview with WWE, Cody Rhodes spoke about John Cena.

He shared a piece of beautiful advice given to him by Cena.

During his AEW run, Cody received some polarising reactions from the fans.

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That was the first time in his career that he got 'Let’s go Cody, Cody sucks’  reactions.

During this period, Cena gave him a piece of advice.

He said, "He very eloquently told me to be honest with myself, as to why a crowd would react that way. Look in the mirror, and if you feel you’re doing the right thing, keep doing it"

Cody added that this wasn't the only advice Cena had given him.


Cena told Cody that if the fans wanted him to fight back then reward them.

Right now Cody Rhodes is one of the favorites among the fans.

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