By: Nikhil Chauhan

Johnny Gargano Has a Message for Fans After WWE Return

Image Credit: WWE

Johnny Gargano returned to the WWE ring after almost aa year on RAW in Toronto much to the surprise of fans around the world.

There were no reports or rumors and the news of Gargano's return was kept a secret till the music hit on RAW on the Aug. 22 episode.

The last time we saw Johnny Gargano was in late 2021, when the former NXT Champion bid goodbye to WWE citing family reasons.

At the time, Gargano was having a baby and decided to spend his time with his family,  soon after his WWE contract expired.

Coming in as a babyface, Gargano sent the fans into a frenzy after a superkick sent his old friend and now a possible rival Theory down on the canvas.

Before all that happened, Gargano sent a beautiful message to pro-wrestling fans around the world in a sheer reminder to believe in oneself.

"And I know change is scary, but sometimes it needs to happen. If there's one message I wanna leave for you guys ... you will never fail if you bet on yourself." Gargano said.

How excited are you to see Johnny Gargano back inside the WWE ring? Do you think he gets fast-tracked to a shot at the title? Only time will tell.

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