Jon Jones' Reveals a New Look Ahead of Heavyweight Debut

Jon Jones has gotten rid of the moustache. The former light-heavyweight champion recently took to Twitter to ask friends whether the moustache made him look creepy. Seems like he got his answer.

Needless to say, the fans want to know how Jones would do in the heavyweight division. We can only hope the agreement falls into place and Jones get what he thinks is the right price for taking on someone as dangerous as Francis Ngannou.

Jon Jones Heavyweight Debut

Jon Jones Heavyweight Look

Jon Jones is looking absolutely incredible in his heavyweight physique.

Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones

Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones can go down as one of the greatest and the biggest fights in the history of mixed martial arts. Ngannou's ferocious power, Jones' heavyweight debut and his undefeated streak, makes it an absolute banger!

Jon Jones in moustache

This was Jon Jones' previous look in moustache.