Jorge Masvidal Details Scary Experience of Getting Knocked Out by a Punch

Jorge Masvidal was one of the most experienced UFC fighter to never get knocked out until he fought Kamaru Usman in the rematch.

Kamaru Usman knocked out Jorge Masvidal in the second round with a powerful straight punch.

But, before that knockout, Masvidal got knocked down by Darren Till in the first round of their fight as well.

Jorge Masvidal, who is well known for finishing his opponents, recently talked about how does it feel to get badly hurt by a punch.

"He(Darren Till) knocks me down like the lights went out. Sometimes you get knocked down literally feels like somebody turned off the lights and then they turn them back on like where the f**k am I."- Jorge Masvidal on Impaulsive podcast

Jorge Masvidal said that he will be looking to fight back even harder after getting rocked in a fight.

"As soon as I got my bearings back all I'm trying to do is f****g kill him and you get filled with this like rage and adrenaline. Not everybody some guys they get hit they carry out they get less and less. I really feel like if the hit does not put me out I'm gonna give everything I've got motherf***r."- Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal has one of the most brutal KOs in his resume, which came in the fight against Ben Askren.

Gamebred knocked out Ben Askren in 5 seconds with a flying knee, a knockout that shocked the MMA world.

However, Masvidal has been on the recieving end as well in his long career.

Currently, he is on a three fight losing streak and looking to get back to the top of the welterweight division.