"Justin Couldn't Knock Him Out" - Charles Oliveira Questions Gaethje's KO Power

Charles Oliveira will be defending his lightweight title against Justin Gaethje at the main event of UFC 274, on 7th May 2022.

Gaethje is one of the most fiercest punchers and aggressive fighters in the history of UFC.

But that doesn't seem to bother UFC’s all-time leader in finishes.

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira talked about why he has the upper hand in the fight against Justin Gaethje, earlier this month.

Looking back at their last records, Oliveira said, "Michael Chandler knocked me down, he knocked Justin down too.. They made a war in the first round. But I knocked out Michael Chandler with my left hand and Justin couldn't knock him out for 3 rounds, so who's really heavy handed? We don't really know, we'll only know when we fight."

The champ further continued, "Dustin Poirier also knocked out Justin. Me and Dustin, we killed each other in the first round."

Charles Oliveira defeated Michael Chandler by TKO, 19 seconds into the second round, becoming the new lightweight champion, While Chandler survived the fight with Gaethje.

Gaethje lost to Poirier, while Oliveira defeated his challenger in the third round by submission to retain his title.

It will be interesting to see whether we will see a finish, or a five round war between both the fighters.

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